NOSS | Southwest 


Committed to access, equity, and academic excellence while serving higher education leaders, students, and professionals in New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, & Wyoming


The goal of the National Organization for Student Success (NOSS) is to support higher education professionals, leaders, and policy-makers in making a transformative difference in the lives of students through obtaining a quality education. Education helps to reduce inequalities and achieve gender equality.  It empowers people everywhere to live more healthy and sustainable lives.  Education is also crucial to fostering tolerance between people and contributes to more peaceful societies.  As the Southwest regional chapter of NOSS, we are committed to expanding this mission in New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, & Wyoming. 

Our regional chapter is committed to:

Building Community

Providing a supportive and connected network of academic professionals,  educators, students, and policymakers to serve as a community of practice and educational resource.

Developing Professionals

Providing opportunities for professionals that  will serve as a platform for members to network, learn, grow, explore research, develop skills, attend conferences and remain current on educational policies, curricular, teaching strategies, and career pathways.

Informing the Public

Advocating and supporting policies and strategies that address the diverse needs of a changing population  which require innovative, creative, equity-minded  leaders, policy-makers, students and professionals who will serve as change agents.